The new iPhones arrive on September 14th

The new iPhones arrive on September 14th

This date has been speculated about for a long time, now it is definite: Apple’s fall event will take place next week.

It’s the question that Apple fans ask themselves every year: When will the new iPhone come? Now this question seems to have been answered. At least Apple has invited to an autumn event for September 14 at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. This bears the slogan “California Streaming” and indicates that the event will be broadcast online.

Specifically, it is expected that Apple will present the new iPhone 13 at this event. CNN said that new iPhones will appear in four different versions: As iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. But not only cell phones are to be presented on September 14th. Apple experts expect that the new Apple Watch Series 7 and a new generation of AirPods will also be presented.

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What do we expect from the new iPhone?

The assumption that we will actually see new iPhones at the September event supports the fact that Apple traditionally introduces its new phones in the fall. This usually takes place in September, but last year the event had to be postponed to October due to delays in production.

What can we expect from the new iPhone 13? The device is unlikely to receive a major visual update, according to various analysts. However, the processor and probably the camera are pimped up. With the help of technical tricks, iPhone videos should look even better in the future.

It is also rumoured that the screen in the iPhones will be improved and that this is new, always-on, that is, for example, can always display the time, as has been the case with Android smartphones for years. In addition, the so-called notch, i.e. the small bar above the screen, should be smaller. And the iPhones could have a screen with a high refresh rate (120 Hz), as is already the case with the iPad Pro models. This makes everything on the display appear smoother and sharper.

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