Macbook screens show cracks after a short time

MacBook screens show cracks after a short time

Several users report cracked screens on the new Macbooks Pro and Air. These came out of nowhere.

When buying a new computer, the predominant emotion is usually a joy. It is all the more discouraging when something is suddenly wrong with the new purchase – on which a lot of money was also spent. But that’s exactly what happened to a large number of buyers with the latest edition of Apple’s Macbooks.

On the Apple support website and on Reddit, for example, there has been an increasing number of reports from users who describe that the screen of their new Macbook suddenly shows cracks for no apparent reason. Affected by the problem said by especially the M1 Macbook Air and M1 Macbook Pro models.

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“Didn’t move the computer”

In a post from a victim, it says: “I bought a new Macbook six months ago. Suddenly there were cracks on the screen. The computer lay on the desk overnight and when I opened it the next day, there were two cracks. ” The user also describes that he got in contact with Apple, but was told that this was not a warranty case, as it was a contact point crack. “That’s absurd, the computer was properly closed and I didn’t move it all night,” said the user.

A second user had a similar experience: “We bought a new M1 Macbook Air four months ago. Last weekend my wife used it to watch Netflix and slightly adjusted the screen angle. Immediately the whole screen went black, only light lines could be seen at one corner. When I took the computer to an Apple Store, I was told that my wife had cracked the screen, so it was not a warranty claim. The repair would cost $ 725. That left us with a bad taste. The screen shouldn’t break just because you adjust the angle. “

Apple is holding back

As in these two examples, numerous other users felt the same way. In a few cases, Apple actually repaired or replaced the computer free of charge, but most users report that they have to pay for the damage themselves.

It is not known whether there is actually a large-scale problem behind the reports. Apple has not yet commented publicly on the complaints. However, some users suspect that there is too much tension on the screens of the new Macbooks. Therefore, they would easily show cracks – and without any external assistance.

This can happen, for example, if there are foreign objects such as crumbs, dust or shards between the screen and the keyboard when the laptop is closed. This is basically a danger for every laptop, but it could be even more pronounced with the new Macbooks. Other users speculate that the frame of the laptop is too weak to protect the screen sufficiently.

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