Whatsapp – approval for new terms and conditions is not absolutely necessary after all

Whatsapp caused a sensation with new terms and conditions at the beginning of the year: Many users dropped out because they had to agree to continue using the app. Now parent company Facebook should discard these plans.

The introduction of the new WhatsApp terms and conditions was a debacle: At the beginning of 2021, Facebook announced new regulations for its Messenger. At the time, data protection experts described the new terms and conditions as a pact with the devil. Another source of uncertainty was the fact that different guidelines should apply in Europe and Switzerland than in the USA, for example. Most of the changes concerned business profiles – but everyone had to agree, which subsequently led to further uncertainties. The deadline was clear: you had one month to agree if you wanted to continue using the messenger.

Many users were overwhelmed by the sudden facts. They turned away from the app and voiced their anger on social media. At the beginning of February, Whatsapp poured fuel on the fire again: For the first time, advertising was seen in Messenger. It was stated that from now on the channel wanted to inform users about news about Messenger.

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Deadline was extended

What followed was a veritable exodus. Numerous users changed the messenger, which made Telegram, Signal and Threema cheer, but sometimes pushed their servers to the limit. Meanwhile, Whatsapp also noticed that the announcement had triggered a quake. That is why the first so short deadline was extended to May 15th. Then came the announcement that as a user who did not agree to the terms and conditions, there would be no restrictions.

Whatsapp is rowing back

Now, three months after the deadline, Facebook seems to be implementing its plans. Corresponding notices appeared in a preliminary version of the app. It should still be optional to agree to the terms and conditions if you use the messenger to communicate with friends and relatives, writes Wabetainfo.com. You are now asked to accept the new terms and conditions if you want to communicate with certain business profiles via messenger.

Whatsapp may want to make its users peaceful again and provide clarity after the criticism of the terms and conditions and their implementation. The change is to be announced with an upcoming iOS and Android update. This means that the matter can be considered closed, writes Wabetainfo.com.

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