Two million Whatsapp accounts deleted due to new regulations

Two million Whatsapp accounts deleted due to new regulations

Whatsapp deleted numerous accounts associated with sending spam within a month. Most of these accounts are from India.

Chain letters or spam messages are repeatedly sent via WhatsApp. This can be extremely annoying for the recipients of these messages, especially if it happens repeatedly. That is why Whatsapp has announced that it will take stronger action against such spam messages.

The company has announced that it will specifically block accounts that send “a high volume and an abnormal number of messages”. As a result, more than two million accounts were blocked from the chat platform within a month.

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How many messages are too many?

The question now arises, what actually counts as too many messages. So do you get a problem if you send your friend or your mother ten messages in a row? The simple answer to that is no. Since Whatsapp wants to take action against mass spam and fraudulent messages, accounts that have automated the sending of messages and can thus send many more text messages in a short period of time than would be possible for a single person are blocked.

According to Whatsapp, around 95% of these two million blocked profiles are such accounts. Most of them are located in India, which is noisy Most Whatsapp users are also located. In fact, Whatsapp is used by around 400 million people in India. The company has around two billion users worldwide.

Accounts are often deleted

It’s not uncommon for Whatsapp to close so many accounts at once. The company announces that around eight million accounts from all over the world fall victim to a ban every month. This can happen due to sent content such as illegal pictures or videos, but also from accounts behind which fraudsters are suspected.

Whatsapp has announced that it will be proactive in this regard. In a statement, it says: “We are particularly focusing on prevention because we believe that it is better to stop harmful behaviour from the start and not wait and take action when the damage has already been done.” For this reason, Whatsapp uses abuse detection when setting up an account, when sending messages and in the event of negative feedback.

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