No, these pages do not show you who has visited your Facebook profile

No, these pages do not show you who has visited your Facebook profile

So-called profile viewers lure with the promise of showing which people have viewed their own Facebook profile. But behind it, there are evil machinations.

So-called profile viewers target people with such needs, which advertise showing who is accessing a certain person’s Facebook account.

Such profile viewers are currently circulating on the social media platform again. But there is nothing more than an attempt to access the private data of the curious person. Because such profile viewers don’t work. On Facebook, there is no way to see who is visiting your profile. So anyone who comes across such an advertisement can assume that it is a fraud.

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Login data are requested

Anyone who clicks on such an ad will be redirected to a page that shows that 48 users have viewed their own profile in the last three days. Although the Facebook logo is emblazoned above the text, at this point you are no longer on an official Facebook page. Rather, it was deliberately designed so that users feel safe.

If you want to look at the supposed list of profile visitors, you have to click on the button «Show list!» to press. You will then be shown a login page that looks like the Facebook login page itself. If you enter your email address and password there, it will be forwarded directly to the creators of the wrong website.

You can also log in with completely invented login data. Then five profiles are displayed that are supposed to have called up your own Facebook account in the last few days. The profiles displayed actually seem to exist, but of course, they cannot have accessed the profile with which the security experts logged on to the website, as this does not even exist.

Don’t click ads

In addition to the five profiles, you will also see a text that promises that you will see even more people if you share the link to the profile viewer on your own timeline. In most cases, however, this is not necessary because the creators behind the wrong website already have the access data for the Facebook profile used and can directly share the link themselves.

So the bottom line is that you should never click on such an ad and certainly not enter your private login details. Because there is no profile viewer for Facebook. Anyone who has become a victim of such a trick should change their Facebook password immediately. It is also advisable to switch on two-factor authentication. This ensures that third parties cannot log into a Facebook account, even if they have their login data.

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