New deadly arches and fast cars in "Fortnite"

New deadly arches and fast cars in “Fortnite”

The last update for “Fortnite” brought new bows and tires into play. In addition, a long-awaited mode has finally been added.

The new patch brings the Grappler and Splinter sheets into play. The splinter bow does 100 damage and is a deadly weapon that should not be missing in your inventory. The Grappler Bow enables a player to move quickly around the map or to inflict decent damage on an opponent. The disadvantage, however, is that the bow has to be reloaded after each shot. So you have to aim well before you shoot.

Thanks to the new update, there is now a car mode for players who prefer to be unarmed. You can experience the driving fun with up to 50 players. A new race checkpoint device has also been added, allowing players to create their own race tracks and obstacle courses.

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Inactive friends

There is also an innovation for the friend’s list: If you send your inactive friends an invitation and then play, you will be awarded points. The more active the players become, the more points you get. If you have enough points, you can unlock a hang glider or a pickaxe, for example. To be able to send an invitation to your friends, you have to visit the website “” and log in with your Epic Games account.

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