Apple starts its big novelty show

Apple introduces the new iPad Pro and the iMac

The tech giant presented several new gadgets and devices at today’s event. An overview of the most important announcements can be found here.

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The voltage increases

The Apple event will begin in a few minutes. 
Follow the announcement of the new products here live!

A show with a name

Apple has christened the event “Spring loaded”. 
This is the logo:

Rumour has it that the logo is supposed to be reminiscent of a hand-drawn line. 
This is another indication that Apple might be unveiling the new iPads today.


The event begins

Now the time has come, Apple’s novelty show begins.

Apple Card

Apple wants to completely reinvent the credit card. 
There is an enormous amount of injustice in the credit card industry. 
Apple therefore wants to allow partners to open a joint credit card and a joint account. 
Tim Cook calls the innovation a «game changer».

Apple Podcast

Podcasts were launched on iTunes 15 years ago. 
The function has now received the largest revision since it was first introduced. 
This means that a newly designed Apple Podcast App will be launched.


The iPhone 12 is getting a new color: purple! 
It will be available from April 30th.

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Find my …

A new iPhone accessory that many have been waiting for: Apple introduces the new AirTags. 
These can be attached to various objects using tags so that the iPhone can easily find them again.

The AirTags

The trailers should cost 29 dollars and can be customized. 
They can be bought as suitcase tags or key rings and in a wide variety of colors.

Apple TV

Apple TV 4K brings some news: The TV is getting an upgrade with A12-Binoic. 
This allows HDR videos to be played back at a high frame rate. 
This also works with clips captured by the iPhone that were captured at 60 frames per second.
In addition, Apple is introducing a new Fab Balance feature. 
This should make the colors of the Apple TV look even more real and lively.

Siri Remote

The Apple TV is operated with the Siri Remote, which was completely redesigned this year. 
The whole click pad can now be controlled with touch. 
In addition, the Siri Remote should be the only remote control that you have to use for the television.


New iMac

In fact, Apple introduces a new iMac: The new computer is designed entirely around the M1 chip from Apple and comes in many different colors.

The design

The screen is extremely thin (11.5 centimeters) and should work incredibly quietly. 
It has a display that is 24 inches in size and has 11.4 million pixels. 
This should make all images appear brilliant and lively.

The innovations

Especially the camera and the speakers are said to have been improved on the new iMac. 
The Facetime camera has 1080P and a larger sensor. 
The speakers have been given more power to produce more accurate and louder sounds. 
This should be audible especially with bass-containing sound. 
There are a total of six speakers built into the iMac.

The accessories

You can choose between three keyboards for the iMac: A normal Magic Keyboard, a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and a number pad.
The mice will also be available in different colours and have been designed to be extremely thin and dynamic.


The price

The iMac is said to cost between $ 1299 and $ 1499. 
It can be ordered from April 30th and will hit the market in the second half of May.

The iPads

As expected by many, Apple is also introducing the new iPads Pro, which now also have the M1 chip.

What does this mean for iPads?

For the tablets, this means better performance. 
The CPU is said to be 50 percent faster than the previous iPads Pro. 
In addition, the display is clearer and sharper than ever with up to 40 percent improved graphics performance.
Pro for gamers: Games should run faster and better and are supported by four speakers. 
A PS5 controller can also be connected to the tablet.

Storage and connection

The iPad Pro is now equipped with up to 2 terabytes of storage space. 
In addition, the tablet now has 5G technology.

The cameras

The iPad Pro is now equipped with a better camera and has a LiDAR scanner.
The front camera is a TrueDepth camera that can automatically unlock the tablet with Face ID. 
The system has also been expanded with a new 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. 
With a new feature called “Center Stage”, the camera makes it possible to always keep the protagonist in the center in a video.

the display

The iPad Pro has a liquid retina XDR display with almost 4 million pixels. 
The tablet also has a new mini-LED system, which makes it possible to integrate more than 10,000 LEDs into the screen. 
This makes the tablet brighter and allows colors to be reproduced more precisely and more realistically.
The whole device should still be only 6.4 millimeters thin.

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The price

The new iPad Pro can be ordered from April 30th. 
It will be available in the second half of May. 
The device costs between 799 and 1099 dollars.


The end

And with that, Apple CEO Tim Cook ends the Apple event.


Apple presented some new products at today’s event – first and foremost the new iPad Pro. This is now equipped with the M1 chip, which gives the device more power all around. In addition, the camera received an update and now uses a new technology called Apple “Center Stage“. This ensures that the protagonist of a video conference or clip is always at the center of the action.

The second big announcement of the day is the new iMac. This is also now equipped with the M1 chip from Apple. The design of the computer is extremely thin – the screen is only 11.5 millimeters thick – in addition, the device comes in many different colors.

In addition, Apple has announced another gadget that many Apple fans have been waiting for a long time: the AirTag. This is a trailer that can be attached to various objects. With the help of the iPhone and this trailer, these things can be easily localized and are no longer lost.

The iPhone has also received a small upgrade: Although Apple has not announced a new model, the iPhone 12 is now available in simple purple color.

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