Google will delete user accounts from June 1st

Google will delete user accounts from June 1st

Gmail, Drive, Youtube, and Co. – anyone who has an account with these services and has not been active for a long time should act now. Google is now cleaning up the old accounts.

Google will change its terms of use from June 1, 2021. This was announced at the end of 2020. But what exactly will change at this point in time? A small overview. With the new regulation, inactive accounts on Google services will be deleted as of a first step.

This includes services such as Youtube, Gmail, Drive, and Co. The change affects users who have not logged in for two years or more. However, affected persons will be notified in advance by email. If you then log in again in good time, the accounts are retained. Otherwise, they will be deleted.

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Less storage space

From June 1st, the storage limits for photos, videos, and other files on Google will also change. The times when the storage space was still unlimited are over. There is now a limit of 15 GB per account. This includes emails in Gmail, including the Spam and Trash folders, among other things. The files in the drive, including PDFs, images and videos.

For Google Photos, normal quality images uploaded before June 1 do not count towards the 15 GB quota. However, all uploaded after the date will. Users who exceed the storage space can no longer upload anything or may no longer be able to send e-mails. What exactly is counted towards the storage space with which service, Google explains on its Website.

100 GB for £ 20

If you reach the limit soon, you will be informed by Google in advance by email. Then you either have to free up space by deleting files, photos, or videos, or you have the option of buying more space. 100 GB is available for around £ 20 a year. 200 GB costs £ 30 a year. Google sells two terabytes of storage space for £ 100 a year.

There are also changes to the YouTube video platform. From June 1st, Google will be allowed to advertise all uploaded videos there and not just for those participating in the partner program. The uploaders of these videos would then not receive a share of the advertising revenue. In addition, there is now an explicit ban on collecting data using facial recognition via YouTube.

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